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Enduro Forks Seals
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FAQ:Enduro Forks Seals
What's different about Enduro Fork Seals

Enduro Fork Seal kits are usually made up of two different seal types

  1.   oil seals to keep the lubricants in the fork leg
  2.   wiper seals to keep the dust mud and other crud out

Each is designed to do a different job and therefore uses different materials. Many original equipment (OE) seals are a wiper and oil seal in one piece and are made from one primary material that must meet many criteria. For this reason many OE seals work well but only for a short period, or work well in some conditions but not others.

Enduro can design their oil seals just to keep oil in because they are protected from the other elements by the wiper seal. The wiper is designed using a material that can keep the stanchions clean as well as survive the harsh lifestyle they live.

Enduro wiper seals do not use garter springs but rely on the integrity of the design and material to keep maintain clean stanchions for longer, in all conditions.

Years of experience, design and customer input mean that the Enduro Fork Seal kit for your fork is made to protect your fork better for longer..


Can I get Enduro Seals in another colour

At this time almost all Enduro Fork Seals wipers are blue and colour is not an option.

Over time a number of different colours have been used for various models however since colour can affect the durometer (hardnesss and flexibility) of the material Enduro have stnadardised on blue.

The colour is also an immediate identifier of the product, great for us but also good for you. Installing Enduro's can change the maintenance requirements for your fork (in most cases you have less to do) and it is good for whoever services your bike to be able to readily see that you have Enduro's fitted.

Do Enduros cause stiction

Depending on your fork model Enduro Fork Seals may be a slightly tighter initial fit than the manufacturers seals, and they will be a tighter fit than the seals you are taking out. This is what may cause 'stiction' for a short period after installation.

To reduce this, when fitting the seals, use a good suspension grease like Slick Honey to liberally grease the inner seal and lightly grease the wiper as well. This will provide lubrication for the seals during the seal break in period and beyond.

Regardless of what seals you have we also recommmend inverting your forks for a brief time before riding. This allows the lubricating oils to reach the upper bushes and seals before you start using them. Doing this can be as simple as standing your bike on it's back wheel as you talk to your mates at the trailhead, or turning it upside down to refit the front wheel, whatever works for you. Once in use, your bouncing along the track will keep things lubed.

Who are Enduro Fork Seals

Enduro Fork Seals are made by the US by ABI Industries, who also make Enduro bearings products.

Real World Cycling who own the domain name are web retailers of many good cycling products including Enduro Fork Seals and bearings. RWC should also get credit for a lot of the initial work in promoting and developing the Enduro Fork Seals product. Chris at RWC has developed some of the best instructions for installing fork seals and other Enduro products. Real World Cycling is the best source of Enduro products in the US.

DIY MTB are the Australian distributors for Enduro Fork Seals and Bearing products. Unlike RWC we are primarily distributors and do not offer all the products that RWC offers for sale, because they are handled by other distributors here in Australia. If you are in Australia have any questions about Enduro Fork Seals please contact us.

Which way does the oil seal go

When you look at the oil seal (black) supplied with Enduro Fork Seal kit you will notice that each side is distinctly different.

Oils seals are designed so that one side keeps the oil in and the other keeps contaminants out.


The cupped or open side of the seal faces the oil. In this case it will face down into the lower leg
The flat or closed side of the seal will face away from the oil and in the case of Enduro's the blue wiper seal will sit on top of this side


How to install the blue wiper seal

The blue wiper seals are designed to be a tight fit in your forks, so we recommend placing them in the freezer for about 10 minutes before installing.

Use a suitable size piece of PVC pipe or a large socket that fits over the seal to provide even insertion pressure.

Installing Enduro Fork Seals

These are general instructions for installing Enduro Fork Seals. Please refer to the service manuals for your fork for specific instuctions regarding removal/installation of fork lowers.

For these instructions we assume you have removed the fork lowers (sliders) and are ready to install the seals.


The seal seats should be clean and free marks and damage
If foam rings are used (Fox, X-Fusion) soak these in the required fork oil and install in the seal seats.

Lightly grease the oil seal.

Install the oil seal. Remember the hollow side of the oil seal goes to toward the oil (down into the leg) and the smoother flat side should be facing out.

Start the oil seal into the seat and ensure that it is straight, but do not push it all the way in.


Next take the blue wiper out of the freezer (every workshop has a beer fridge right) and press it into the seal seat using your fingers.

Installing the wiper seal will push the oil seal into the correct position and ensure it is correctly aligned.


   Most wipers can be installed by hand but to assist you may need to use a piece of PVC pipe or a large socket that fits over the wiper. You can then tap it in place taking care that it sit evenly.
  Having installed the seals on both sides you can now return to assembling the forks as per the service instructions