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MANIC Seat post
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X-Fusion:MANIC Seat post


  • Internal cable routing only
  • New shifter style remote
  • Double key-way design prevents lateral twisting
  • Wide range of seatpost angle adjustment
  • Two bolt style head


  • Travel: 125mm
  • Weight: 610g (30.9) / 635g (31.6)
  • OD: 30.9mm / 31.6mm
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 421mm
  • Insertion Depth: 285mm

Lengths at full extension -
Manic 100mm
base to seat rail: 365mm
bottom of collar to seat rail: 150mm
base to bottom of collar: 215mm
(NB base includes the actuator but allow for cable to extend below)

Manic 125mm 2018+ (2017)
base to seat rail: 410mm (460mm)
bottom of collar to seat rail: 175mm
base to bottom of collar: 235mm (285mm)
(NB base includes the actuator but allow for cable to extend below)

Manic 150mm
base to seat rail: 495mm
bottom of collar to seat rail: 200mm
base to bottom of collar: 295mm
(NB base includes the actuator but allow for cable to extend below)

Product - Description   Price Ex GST Price Incl GST In Stock
XFS18MANIC050272 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 27.2mm 50mm Gravel
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC050272 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-050-904

  279.00 306.90
XFS18MANIC100309 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 30.9mm 100mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC100309 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-100-803

  279.00 306.90
XFS18MANIC100316 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 31.6mm 100mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC100316 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-100-804

  279.00 306.90
XFS18MANIC100349 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 34.9mm 100mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC100349 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-100-842

  274.00 301.40
XFS18MANIC125309 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 30.9mm 125mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC125309 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-125-803

  274.00 301.40
XFS18MANIC125316 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 31.6mm 125mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC125316 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-125-804

  262.00 288.20
XFS18MANIC125349 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 34.9mm 125mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC125349 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-125-842

  274.00 301.40
XFS18MANIC150309 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 30.9mm 150mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC150309 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMANIC-150-803

  284.00 312.40
XFS18MANIC150316 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 31.6mm 150mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC150316 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMANIC-150-804

  284.00 312.40
XFS18MANIC150349 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 34.9mm 150mm
Our Part code: XFS18MANIC150349 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-150-842

  297.00 326.70
XFS19MANIC100272 - X-Fusion Manic Seatpost 27.2mm 100mm
Our Part code: XFS19MANIC100272 - Alt Part code: 22-SSSMNCOP-100-905

  279.00 306.90
Product prices are shown ex GST for overseas customers and for comparative purposes.
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