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Enduro Hy-Glide

One piece made from two pieces. So you still get the advantage of the best material for the job but with less stiction and easier to install. Available in Fox 32,34,36 and 40mm. Rockshox 32 and 35mm


A new addition to our BB tools is the XTR/XT BB tool from WCM
Double ended wrench for
XTR 39mm OD cups. BB93 M9000 Dura Ace BB9000
XT 41mm OD cups. M8000 Ultegra 11-speed 6800 series

Enduro Torqtite

The TorqTite bottom bracket line is designed to replace any press fit type on the market. This unique and patent pending system uses a double threaded internal sleeve to tighten the right and left cups with two spanner wrenches and torque your bottom bracket tight on installation. TorqTite guarantees perfect parallel alignment between the bearings even if the frame is not perfectly straight, eliminating lost energy.

Available with the best Enduro XD-15 ceramic bearings, or with 440C stainless bearings, the TorqTite system is the ultimate bottom bracket system to guarantee the best results.

Carbon strap seat clamps

Lightweight (@ 12 grams, less with Ti bolt), but more importantly, a very effective seat clamp for all types of post and frames.  Check here for more info and prices

Racing Bros 32mm Edge seals

Suitable for all Fox,Racing Bros and X-Fusion 32mm forks

Racing Bros Edge 32 - The outstanding features of the Low Friction Racing Bros were increased through the use of innovative materials again. The result is an even better performance!
The innovation lies in the choice of materials of Racing Bros EDGE seals, also called Zero Friction.

One-piece construction:

The one-piece modes Performance of wiper Racingbros combine dust seal and oil seal in one component. The oil is kept inside the fork while dirt, mud or sand, are kept out.

Long Durability:

In long-term test of up to 20,000 compression cycles while exposed to spraying mud, sand, water and ice as well as numerous test riders during the development phase has shown:

waterproof and UV-resistant
Working temperature from -25 ° -80 ° Celsius

BB30/PF30 - BSA convertors

Got a nice new frame with BB30 or PF30 frame but you want to run your favourite Shimano or other 24mm cranks? This has to be the best way to do it. Install these convertors then add your standard threaded cups (or some nice new ones).
You can even use these to convert to use BB386 type cranks.


Groots N++

 Titanium 650b/27.5 single speed frames



Ti rotor bolts in colour

More headset bearings

Some more sizes in 1 1/8 headset bearings to add to our range.
click here to go to Headset bearing page

XD-15 BB From Enduro

New from Enduro the XD-15 bottom bracket. We have just received a small number of these and they feel as good as they look. Massive grade 3 ceramic balls in nitrogen infused angled contact steel races. These were designed for the job not just made for it.

Price and info here

Photo thanks to Superfly Cycles

X-Fusion Velvet RL

Updated damper and now up to 140mm travel, the Velvet RL offers many options including X-15 tool-less 15mm thru axle, 1-1/8 or tapered steerers and remote lockout.

Reintroduced in 2011, the Velvet Series were the original suspension forks by X-Fusion and now have been given completely new internals with a brand new chassis. With 80-140mm of travel the Velvet Series is ready to fly on any XCcourse or all day epic. For those looking for that extra advantage, a remote lockout system with handle bar mount is available. When the fork isn't locked out on those devastating climbs the Velvet damper will provide you with an amazingly smooth and controlled ride. 

Hygia SLP

SLP (Super Light Project)

We have been eagerly waiting for stock of these since we started pre-production testing.
By combining tested and reliable components and new lightweight rotors Hygia have been able to produce a claimed weight of 268grams and still provide confidence inspiring braking.

Carbon lever for Hygia Elite

Just arrived. Carbon levers for the Hygia Elite. Weighing in at under 10 grams these will reduce some weight and add some carbon bling to your bike. Available as an option on new brakes or as replacements parts.

These levers feature the new shape as found on all the newer Elites


top is the original alloy lever bottom the new carbon lever for more pictures of the new lever shapes click here

Shock eye needle roller kits

Shock eye needle roller kits back in stock hardware to mount the needle roller kits in most any frame width.

X-Fusion Vengeance

We've recently received our preview Vengeance HLR and will shortly have the first shipment. 

36mm stanchions
160mm travel
20mm thru axle
High and Low speed compression and rebound adjustments
1-1/8 inch, 1-1/2 inch or taper steerers

expected RRP $1099 but with the strong dollar the first shipment will sell for $999


Ti Rotor Bolts

Just arrived. Titanium disk rotor bolts. A set of 6 weighs in at just over 7grams. All the benefits of Titanium at a reasonable price.

We will have more sizes in stock soon so keep an eye on this page. Titanium Bolts



Mavic Freehub repair bushings

Now you can keep your Mavic freehub performing like it should.

Previously Mavic freehubs required replacing when the nylon bushings wore out. We have always been able to supply bearings to help keep them spinning nicely and now we can provide replacement nylon bushings so your Mavics should keep running for many more years.

If you have a set of Mavic wheels you would already know how important it is to service the freehub regularly to remove any dirt etc and keep them lubed. Even doing this religiously does not stop the inevitable wear of the nylon bushing.

Made of high quality self lubricating material and precision made the bushings are made in standard sizing and a .003 oversize to suits worn hubs.

New X-Fusion products

X-Fusion 2009 RPV  shockJust arrived. X-Fusion 2009 model shocks.

  • 02 RPV
  • 02 RC
  • 02 RLi

All models feature larger air chambers, revised damping, and reduced weight.

The RLi adds the ability to set a rebound damping position to return to when turning off lockout.

Also just arrived is the Velvet RT with handlebar mounted travel adjustment. This allows for the rider to change the travel of the fork anywhere in the range 130-80mm while riding.

Enduro Grease for Ceramics

This is grease we recommend for Ceramic balls, repacking ceramic hybrids and all high grade steel bearing applications.

It comes in a 10ml syringe for easy application

$14.90 (Incl GST)

Enduro Outboard Bottom Brackets

We now have even wider range of outboard bottom brackets. Cups with or without the inner sleeve for

  • Road
  • Mountain


  • Red
  • Black
  • Silver/ Gun metal grey


  • Enduro Ceramic hybrids
  • Enduro ZER0 Hybrids