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Enduro Bearings and Seals X-Fusion Forks and Shocks
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X-Fusion:Accessories & Gear
Shock pump

Make sure you have the right pressure in your shocks and forks.

0-300 PSI range



Look good and keep cool on the track.

Full length zip,  3 rear pockets, coolmax fabric

Sizes: S, M and L



Socks. Stick em on your feet before you put your shoes on, that sort of thing.

2 sizes S/M or L/XL

$15.00 pr

Product - Description   Price Ex GST Price Incl GST In Stock
XFSDRLAIRDLA - X-Fusion Slant RL DLA Unit 160-130
Our Part code: XFSDRLAIRDLA - Alt Part code: 42-SSFCSNDLA-160-301

  426.00 468.60
XFSHILOACECHBarSet - X-Fusion HILO ACE Cable holder barrel
Our Part code: XFSHILOACECHBarSet

Barrel that clamps cable and fits into cable hanger with grub screw

  3.20 3.52
XFSHILOACEREM - X-Fusion HILO ACE Cable & Lever Kit
Our Part code: XFSHILOACEREM - Alt Part code: 52-4-810029

Bar mounting lever and cable kit for HILO ACE.

  37.30 41.03
XFSHILOSLSCH - X-Fusion HILO SLS Cable hanger
Our Part code: XFSHILOSLSCH - Alt Part code: 42-SLSHANGER-501

Cable coonector of the bottom of the HILO Strate posts

  30.00 33.00
XFSManicCHBarrelSet - X-Fusion Manic Cable barrel with screw
Our Part code: XFSManicCHBarrelSet

Barrel that clamps cable and fits into cable hanger with grub screw

  5.15 5.67
XFSP02AV-190 - AV Air sleeve for 02 series - 190mm
Our Part code: XFSP02AV-190 - Alt Part code: 42-02AV-190-101

  60.00 66.00
XFSP02AV-200 - AV Air sleeve for 02 series - 200mm
Our Part code: XFSP02AV-200 - Alt Part code: 42-02AV-200-101

  60.00 66.00
XFSP02VS - Valve stem for 02 model shocks
Our Part code: XFSP02VS - Alt Part code: 52-2-550016

O2 MY10+
O2 Pro
NOTE: Does NOT fit O2 Nude Trunnion. (52-2-550015)

  10.65 11.72
XFSP02VSL - Valve stem for old 02 model shocks and forks
Our Part code: XFSP02VSL - Alt Part code: 52-2-550007

1mm longer than XFSP02VS.
Also used in fork air caps, all models.                                                                               E1 shocks.                                                                                                                               O2 shocks with smoothly shaped air cans.

  10.65 11.72
XFSPHILO22HEAD-101 - HILO inner post and head for HILO 100mm clamshell
Our Part code: XFSPHILO22HEAD-101 - Alt Part code: 42-HILOHEAD-101

22mm O.D. For HILO 100mm with the clamshell type seat clamp ie original HILO posts

  133.00 146.30
XFSPHILO22HEAD-401 - HILO inner post and head for HILO 27.2 2 bolt
Our Part code: XFSPHILO22HEAD-401 - Alt Part code: 42-HILOHEAD-401

22mm O.D. For HILO 27.2

  133.00 146.30
XFSPHILO22HEAD-403 - HILO inner post/head for HILO 125mm/25mm 2 bolt
Our Part code: XFSPHILO22HEAD-403 - Alt Part code: 42-HILOHEAD-403

25mm O.D shaft. For HILO 30.9 and 31.6 125mm drop

  133.00 146.30
XFSPHILOCHB - cable holder block for X-Fusion HILO seatpost
Our Part code: XFSPHILOCHB - Alt Part code: 52-4-230291

  21.30 23.43
XFSPHILOCHBGS - grub screw used on cable clamps
Our Part code: XFSPHILOCHBGS - Alt Part code: 52-5-430012

M4 x 4, black with pre-applied threadlocker.
HILO Strate

  0.52 0.57
XFSPHILOCHBSET - Cable holder block set for X-Fusion HILO seatpost

Replacement cable holder block with mounting screw and grub screw.
Suits all 100 and 125mm HILO posts

  22.50 24.75
XFSPHILOLEVER - Manual lever for X-Fusion HILO seatpost
Our Part code: XFSPHILOLEVER - Alt Part code: 52-4-410341

  21.30 23.43
XFSPHILOREMBAT - Bat Remote for X-Fusion HILO seatpost
Our Part code: XFSPHILOREMBAT - Alt Part code: 42-HILOSLREMOTE-301

  50.00 55.00
XFSPHILOREMLEV - X-Fusion HILO remote Thumb lever and cable Kit
Our Part code: XFSPHILOREMLEV - Alt Part code: 52-4-810033

Bar mounting lever and cable kit for HILO models.
Thumb lever

  53.30 58.63
XFSPHILOROD205 - Rod service kit for X-Fusion HILO 100mm
Our Part code: XFSPHILOROD205 - Alt Part code: 42-HILO-OIL-205

  37.30 41.03
XFSPHILOSCSET - HILO seat clamp set for HILO 100 and 125mm
Our Part code: XFSPHILOSCSET - Alt Part code: 42-HILO-OIL-201

For HILO 100mm and 125mm models with rotating clamp style.
NOT SL and newer style posts
Includes clamps and bolts

  58.60 64.46
XFSPHILOSLIP - HILO upper inner post for HILO SL
Our Part code: XFSPHILOSLIP - Alt Part code: 42-HILOSLHEAD-301

27mm O.D. For HILO SL.

  202.00 222.20
XFSPSB1/8 - X-Fusion Steel Ball, 1/8"
Our Part code: XFSPSB1/8

  58.60 64.46
XFSPSB3 - X-Fusion Steel Ball, 3mm
Our Part code: XFSPSB3

  58.60 64.46
XFSPSB3/32 - X-Fusion Steel Ball, 3/32"
Our Part code: XFSPSB3/32 - Alt Part code: 52-5-640024

  58.60 64.46
XFSPSSFADAPER-401 - Brake adaptor 180-203mm
Our Part code: XFSPSSFADAPER-401 - Alt Part code: 42-SSFADAPER-401

Brake adaptor 180mm (7 inch) post mount -to 203mm (8 inch) post mount
Suits all XF 180mm post mount forks to allow use of 203mm rotors

  21.30 23.43
XFSPSVC - X-Fusion Schraeder Valve Core
Our Part code: XFSPSVC - Alt Part code: 52-9-260003

Fits all forks, shocks and seat posts; also tyre valves.

  0.52 0.57
XFSPVC - Valve cap for air shocks
Our Part code: XFSPVC - Alt Part code: 52-9-550005

  2.68 2.95
XFTCRLAIRDLA - X-Fusion Trace DLA cartridge 140-110mm
Our Part code: XFTCRLAIRDLA - Alt Part code: 42-SSFCTCDLA-140-301

  426.00 468.60
XFVGFN - X-Fusion Vengeance Foot Nut
Our Part code: XFVGFN - Alt Part code: 52-4-440022

Fits air side on all Vengeance and damper side on Vengeance R.

  10.65 11.72
XFVGFNCW - X-Fusion Vengeance Foot Nut Crush Washer
Our Part code: XFVGFNCW - Alt Part code: 52-9-380028

Fits damper and spring/DLA sides. Also fits RV1 and Metric forks.

  5.30 5.83
XFVGRLAIRDLA - X-Fusion Vengeance DLA Unit 170-140
Our Part code: XFVGRLAIRDLA - Alt Part code: 42-SSFCDLA-170-201

  426.00 468.60
XFVLB - X-Fusion Velvet Lower Bolt
Our Part code: XFVLB - Alt Part code: 52-2-430010

  5.70 6.27
XFVTEYE-201 - X-Fusion Vector eyelet assembly - rebound end
Our Part code: XFVTEYE-201 - Alt Part code: 42-VTEYE-201

  33.10 36.41
XFVTRLHG - X-Fusion Velvet/Slide/Enix brake hose guide
Our Part code: XFVTRLHG - Alt Part code: 42-SSFBVT00-GUIDE-301

  21.30 23.43
XFVTSPRETPLATE - X-Fusion Vector spring retainer plate
Our Part code: XFVTSPRETPLATE - Alt Part code: 52-4-330141

  10.00 11.00
Product prices are shown ex GST for overseas customers and for comparative purposes.
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